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The law requires a Copyrights Register to be kept by the Ministry of Information and Culture, for depositing or registering the rights of the works. The registers of deposit or registration of rights in the Ministry are considered as reference to the details of the work. Nevertheless non-deposit of the work or non-registration of these rights or any action allotted to it does not prejudice any of the protection aspects or the rights derived from this law.

The application of registration shall include the following details:

  1. The title, type, language and description of the work.
  2. The applicant’s name, nationality, title, address, and a copy of proxy document.
  3. The name of the author, pseudonym and name of fame, if any, nationality address, date of death, if any.
  4. The name of the body who requested the work, address, if any, and the document proving relationship between it and the author.
  5. The name of the publisher, address, date and place of first publication, and the international number, if any.
  6. The name of assignee, nationality, address, type of assignment, duration, geographical area, details of economic rights which he gained as a result of assignment and the document that proves the author’s or the owner of the right’s action of the assignment.